Training for Schools


For a school to meet its duty under Section 175 / 157 of the Education Act 2002, all school staff and the Senior / Deputy Designated Persons must be suitably trained.


Whole school staff training


All school staff, including ancillary staff, are required to undertake Level 2 Basic Awareness in Safeguarding Training at least once every 3 years.  It is recommended that all staff also complete the HSCB Safeguarding Induction Booklet when they commence employment within the school. This basic awareness training must cover a set criteria of information and should be face to face to allow for discussion and debate.  Whilst it is a good starting point, online training such as Hayes Online is not sufficient to meet Level 2 standards within Halton without face to face localised training being delivered alongside it.  The HSCB quality assured training package is available to all Halton Senior/Deputy Designated Persons who are able to deliver this training package. Please contact the SCIE Officer on [email protected] to obtain a copy of this training package.



senior / deputy designated person, designated governor & safer recruitment training


The Senior and Deputy Designated Persons are required to be trained to a Level 3 standard.  Both roles should have undertaken the full HSCB Working Together to Safeguard Children training, and should then update their Level 3 knowledge on a regular basis.  HSCB Working Together Refresher training is now available for Senior and Deputy Designated Persons to undertake in subsequent years following completion of Working Together.


Details regarding the levels of training required for members of staff can be found here: Safeguarding Training Matrix for Schools


It is a priority for all Senior or Deputy Designated Persons within High Schools in the Local Authority to have attended the HSCB Child Sexual Exploitation Basic Awareness training and is highly recommended for all other school settings.


Details of the HSCB training can be found by accessing the training page.


The course outline for the 2015-16 school specific training, including Roles and Responsibilities, Designated Governor and Safer Recruitment training, can be accessed here:



Please note:  Safer Recruitment Consortium accredited Safer Recruitment training is subject to the HSCB charging policy


SDP network meetings


Termly SDP Network Meetings are facilitated by the Safeguarding Children in Education Officer for all school Senior and Deputy Designated Persons. These sessions are to enable the dissemination of relevant information, the sharing of good practice and the opportunity for networking between schools. The agenda for each meeting is sent out approximately 4 weeks beforehand. Details regarding bookings is contained within the 2015-16 Halton SCIE Safeuarding and Safer Recruitment Training Programme.


Below are copies of the powerpoint presentations from previous meetings.



2016-17 Safeguarding Network Meetings


Please find detailed below the dates and venues of the 2016/17 Safeguarding Network Meetings.

Spring Term Meetings


  • 3.30pm Tuesday 28th March 2017, Civic Suite, Runcorn Town Hall
  • 3.30pm Wednesday 29th March 2017, Box 9, Select Security Stadium


Summer Term Meetings


  • 3.30pm Tuesday 4th July 2017, Civic Suite, Runcorn Town Hall
  • 3.30pm Wednesday 5th July 2017, Box 9, Select Security Stadium


To book a place, please email your details to [email protected]