Halton Assessment Tool Kit

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Unborn Baby

Parental substance use

Domestic Abuse

Parental mental health

Child Exploitation

Where child exploitation, or the risk of it, is suspected, frontline practitioners should complete the Pan Cheshire Contextual Safeguarding Screening Tool. The screening tool should be sent to the Halton’s front door iCART. They will review all information and a multi-agency decision on level risk will be made and actions agreed. If the child is an open case then a request would go to the lead professional to complete the Contextual Safeguarding Assessment tool. If the child is not known a decision on the best placed practitioner to complete the risk assessment tool will be made.

If you have concerns about individuals that could be exploiting children or locations where exploitation maybe occurring (be that a physical or online location) then please complete the Contextual Safeguarding Operational Group Information Form.

**Please note that in the ’ subject line’ of your email when sending this form into the [email protected] you must include the following – ‘Halton High’ in the text on that subject line.

Short Breaks for Child or Young Person referral checklist

This form is completed when you wish to make a referral for short-breaks for a child or young person