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Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) improves the lives of people of all ages by co-producing, sharing, and supporting the use of the best available knowledge and evidence about what works in social care and social work.

HCYPSP Multi-Agency Audit

HSCB Referral Flowchart

A flowchart that shows what to do if you have a concern about a child’s welfare.

Halton Practitioner Guide

A pocket sized guide for practitioners with prompts, flowchart and contact details of what to do if you have a safeguarding concern about a child.

Public Alerter Card

A card for the public with contact details of what to do if they have a safeguarding concern about a child.

CSE Practitioner Guide:

Child Sexual Exploitation: Quick Guide for Practitioners

A Pocket size guide for practitioners with prompts to recognise possible signs of child sexual exploitation and contact details to raise concerns.

Relational Safeguarding Model: Best Practice in Working with Families Affected by CSE

Private Fostering

To help to identify Private Fostering arrangements we have produced a Private Fostering Checklist and Private Fostering Quick Reference Guide.

Further information about private fostering can be found at:

Children Missing Education: Information for Professionals

A pocket sized guide for practitioners with prompts and contact details of what to do if you identify a child missing education.

Elective Home Education: Information for Professionals

This leaflet outlines requirements in relation to educating a child at home, and what to do if a practitioner identifies a child being educated at home.

HSCB Safeguarding Information Briefings

HCYPSP Annual Reports

Halton Safeguarding children Board Annual Report

All LSCBs are required to publish an annual Report on the effectiveness of safeguarding in the local area.

Halton Safeguarding Children Unit Annual Reports

Halton Safeguarding Children Unit Annual Report provides information on the work of the Child Protection Chair and Independent Reviewing Managers.

Multi-Agency Integrated Contact and Referral Team

If you are a practitioner who has a concern about the welfare and safety of a child which you feel necessitates a contact or referral to Children’s Social Care please contact the Contact Centre on 0151 907 8305 who will then direct you to the Integrated Contact and Referral Team (ICART)

Child Protection Conference

A child protection conference is a multi-agency meeting bringing together agencies involved in protecting children and supporting family members. The purpose of this report is to supply relevant information to the conference to assist in decision making. This report may also be requested upon from the Local Authority’s Legal Department as part of the Public Law Outline and/or Court Proceedings.

It is the responsibility of users of this report to be aware of, and comply with, the Data Protection Act 2018. The content of this report must be treated as you would any other elements of an individual’s case record and not be disclosed to a third party unless there is a safeguarding concern or you have the appropriate legal right or consent to do so.

It should be sent to the Children’s Safeguarding Unit ([email protected]) 3 days prior to Conference

Information Hub on offenders’ families with children for professionals (i-HOP)

i-HOP provides a national one-stop information and advice service for all professionals working with children and families of offenders. i-HOP is a web-based knowledge hub supported by a telephone helpline, that brings together up to date resources, including: research, support service details, practice examples, policy frameworks, events and training programmes.