Children in Care

Notification of Children In Care from other local authorities placed within Halton.

If a child in care from another local authority is moved to a placement in Halton, it is a statutory requirement for the placing local authority to notify Halton Borough Council of this placement.

Placing authorities should complete the CICOLA Notification form and send this to Halton Borough Council at the address given on the form.

For further information see the  CICOLA Notifications Policy.

Services available to Children in Care (Looked after Children) and Care Leavers placed in Halton

Friends and Family Care

Children may be brought up by members of their extended families, friends or other people who are connected with them for a variety of reasons and in a variety of different arrangements.

In most situations, children are able to live in these arrangements without any additional support.

However, where support may be necessary, Halton Borough Council has a policy which sets out our approach towards promoting and supporting the needs of such children.