Child Sexual Abuse

When a child or young person is sexually abused, they’re forced, tricked or manipulated into sexual activities. They might not understand that what’s happening is abuse or that it’s wrong for the abuser to do this to them. They might be afraid to tell someone or behave as though this is normal for them to experience, both are valid for the child to be displaying. Sexual abuse can happen anywhere – and it can happen in person or online.

Find out more about signs, types, effects and support from NSPCC CSA

Here is a free, short, accessible course from the Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse, for all professionals working with children on Identifying and responding to intra-familial CSA.

It takes just 90 minutes to complete, is entirely free and consists of three engaging modules, with interactive tasks, video explainers and a final assessment.

It’s designed for professionals at all stages of their career; for those new to safeguarding, or as a helpful refresher  Centre of Expertise eLearning – Identifying & responding to intra-familial CSA

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